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Intercropping in Carrots for Rust Fly Control

Table 2

Carol Miles, Ph.D.,WSU Extension, Leslie Zenz, Research Assistant, Betsie DeWreede, Owner, Independence Valley Farm, and Julie Puhich, Owner, Common Ground CSA


Table 2. Weight (lbs) at harvest of marketable (undamaged), damaged but marketable, and non-marketable carrots due to carrot rust fly damage at four harvest dates (September 5, September 18, September 25, and October 11) in Rochester, Washington, in 1996.

Weight (lbs)
Treatment Marketable Damaged Marketable Non-Marketable
Harvest 1
Without intercrop
10.626 1.65 0.528
With intercrop 14.322 2.706 1.10
Significance NS NS NS
Harvest 2
Without intercrop
9.108 4.576 1.32
With intercrop 11.858 3.476 1.166
Significance NS NS NS
Harvest 3
Without intercrop
14.476 11.858 8.096
With intercrop 16.654 11.374 5.126
Significance NS NS NS
Harvest 4
Without intercrop
2.376 6.27 16.742
With intercrop 2.882 7.7 13.618
Significance NS NS NS
NS Not significant.

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