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Organic Agriculture Projects at WSU

Evaluating Varieties for Organic Systems. Dr. Carol Miles, WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Center, is screening varieties of crops such as edamame, dry beans, mini watermelons, winter squash, and lettuce for production potentials in organic systems.


Organic Agriculture Projects at WSU

Organic Raspberry Root Rot Control. Dr. Carol Miles, WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Center, and Dr. Pete Bristow, WSU Puyalllup, are investigating organic options to control root rot (Phytopthora fragriae var. rubi). This study is focused on organic root rot control, however all raspberry growers will benefit from new disease management options.

A Cost of Production Analysis of conventional vs integrated vs organic apple production systems. By Jerry Glover, Herbert Hinman, John Reganold, Preston Andrews. Agriculture Research Center Publication XB1041.

Organic Control of Cherry Fruit Fly. The active ingredient spinosad, a microbial insecticide, was tested for efficacy against cherry fruit fly. Several formulations were tested. The GF-120 product, a combination of spinosyn and a feeding attractant, proved very effective. A new system of control using point sources versus complete canopy cover was developed. The use of GF-120, an organically approved material, for cherry fruit fly control has become widespread among cherry producers in the region, both conventional and organic. It is very effective, non-toxic to humans, low impact to beneficials, and low cost due to the low volume used and quick application.

Organic Apple Production in Washington State: an Input-Output Analysis. The objective of this paper is to provide an Input-Output (IO) based economic impact analysis for organic apple production in Washington State.

Peshastin Creek Areawide Organic Project. The Peshastin Creek Project was created as a joint effort between the Peshastin Creek Growers Association and the Pear Entomology Lab of the WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee. The research lab provides a monitoring service for the growers in the valley, to support their efforts toward increased use of environmentally-friendly pest management. Bluebird Fruit has created a special "Gently Grown" label for the fruit produced by the PCG Association. The project compares insect pest management under conventional, 'soft', and organic management regimes.

WSU Publications

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production. Organic apple survey for Washington State.

Proceedings Third National Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposium, Chelan, WA, June 6–8, 2005.

A Cost of Production Analysis of Conventional vs. Integrated vs. Organic Apple Production Systems. XB1041, WSU Agr. Res. Center. 2002.

Organic and Integrated Fruit Production web site. WSU Wenatachee Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center.

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production. CSANR Report No. 4. May 2002.

Codling moth control: organic and ‘super-soft’ IPM programs in pears. WSU Entomology. 2003.

Handling Organic Fruit. WSU Postharvest Information Center. 1998.

Organic Methods of Root Rot Control in Raspberries. WSU Vancouver. 2001.


Organic and Integrated Fruit Production

Organic Apple Production Manual. 2000. S. Swezey et al. University of California DANR. Order from 1-800-994-8849.

Organic Tree Fruit Management. 1998. Linda Edwards. Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia. Available from IFM, 1-800-332-3179.


Organic Agriculture Projects at WSU

Organic wheat breeding. Dr. Steve Jones is conducting breeding of wheat varieties for organic systems as part of his public winter wheat variety development program at WSU. This includes screening of over 150 historical wheat varieties for traits that might be useful in organic systems (e.g. fast emergence, better nitrogen uptake by roots) which can then be combined with important traits in modern varieties.

WSU Publications

Organic Grain Farming. WSU Ag Horizons Team. 1997. A study on the potential for organic grain farming to reduce erosion and improve soil was published in Nature (330:370-372) by John Reganold and others in 1987.


Organic Field Crop Handbook. Canadian Organic Growers.

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