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Niche Market Dry Beans

Variety Trials

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Niche Market Dry Bean Variety Trial

Niche market dry bean varieties are gaining in popularity among small-scale growers because they are relatively easy to produce, harvest and store. Dry bean variety trials at WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Center have shown that dozens of bean varieties can be successfully grown in western Washington. These reports include our variety trial research findings.

2006 Trial Report
2005 Trial Report
2004 Trial Report
2003 Trial Report
2002 Trial Report
2001 Trial Report

Fresh Shell Beans

Numerous dry bean varieties are suitable for both fresh shell and dry bean production. Fresh shell beans are a high-value niche market crop. Variety trials at WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Center have shown that dozens of bean varieties can be successfully grown in western Washington for fresh shell and dry bean production. This report includes our current variety trial research findings.

2006 Trial Report

Marketing Brochure

Dry Bean Brochure (pdf)
This marketing brochure is designed for farmers to give to their customers. The brochure provides nutrition, cooking, serving and storage information for the home consumer. Through increased consumer knowledge, farmers have more opportunities to market their products.

Health & Nutrition

Eating Beans for Good Health
Nutrition experts at Michigan State University have summarized health contributions of eating dry beans, including preventing certain types of cancer, Type II diabetes, and heart disease.


Bean Improvement Cooperative 2002 to 2007 annual reports.

Dry Bean Production Across the U.S. (map)

Northern Grain Growers Association has information about bean production in the northeast.

Organic Seed Processing: Threshing, Cleaning and Storage. This 10-page eOrganic article describes threshing, threshing techniques, seed cleaning and offers numerous online and print resources.

Producing Bean Seed: Handbook for Small-Scale Seed Producers Written for small-scale farmers who have no formal training or experience in bean seed production, and are interested in producing bean seed for sale.

Seed Crop Record Forms from Organic Seed Alliance –

Small scale grain and pulse production: a forum for information exchange on grain and pulse production for food. Josh Volk of Slow Hand Farm in Portland, OR hosts this blog.

U.S. Dry Bean Council is a private trade association of bean industry leaders. While their focus in on large scale production, their web site offers multiple perspectives on the bean industry as well as educational resources including nutrition and recipes.

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