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Extension Publications

Extension Publications

Vegetable Crops

Baby Corn. WSU Extension Publication PNW0532. 8 pages. Published May 2000.

Baby-leaf salad green production guide for western Washington. WSU Extension publication EM095E. 23 pages. Published November 2015.

Commercial Dry Bean Production in Western Washington State. WSU Extension publication EM092E. 20 pages. Published April 2015.

Edamame. WSU Extension Publication PNW0525. 10 pages. Published February 2018.

Growing Dry Beans in Home Gardens. WSU Extension publication FS135E. 7 pages. Published May 2014.

Growing Wasabi in the Pacific Northwest. WSU Extension Publication PNW0605. 16 pages. Published July 2019.

Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington. WSU Extension Publication EM057E 27 pages. Published February 2013.

Injerto de Verduras: Berenjenas y Tomates. Hoja informativa de la Universided Estatal de Washington FS052ES. 4 páginas. Publicado agosto 2013.

Injertos Hortícolas: SandÍa, Hoja de datos de la Extensión, Universidad Estatal de Washington FS100ES. 7 páginas. Publicado enero 2014.

Market Vegetable Gardens: Planning for Success. WSU Extension Manual EM032E. 19 pages. Published December 2010.

Pea Shoots. WSU Extension Publication PNW567. 14 pages. Published January 2018.

Petiole Sap Nitrate-N Quick Test for Determining Nitrogen Status of Tomato. WSU Extension publication FS319E. 8 pages. Published January 2019. (PDF)

Physiological Leaf Roll of Tomato. WSU Extension Publication PNW616 4 pages. Published January 2010.

Vegetable Grafting: Eggplant and Tomato. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS052E. 4 pages. Published October 2011.

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS051E. 3 pages. Published October 2011.

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS100E 7 pages. Published January 2013.

Crop Production

In addition to many of the following publications there are Microsoft Excel spreadsheet versions of the enterprise budgets available for use as worksheets. Links to these are included in the Fact Sheets. In case difficulty is encountered, to download a worksheet, right-click (or command-click for MAC) the link to the Excel file and choose "Save Link/Target As..." to save the Excel file to your computer.

More Crop Enterprise Budgets (PDFs and Excel files) for a variety of crops are available on the  WSU School of Economic Sciences website.

2011 Cost Estimates of Producing Fresh Market Field-Grown Head Lettuce in Western Washington. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS081E. 6 pages. Published November 2012.

2011 Cost Estimates of Producing High-Tunnel Tomatoes in Western Washington. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS090E. 6 pages. Published October 2012.

2011 Cost of Producing Fresh Market Field-Grown Tomatoes in Western Washington. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS080E. 6 pages. Published October 2012.

2011 Cost of Producing Head Lettuce in High Tunnels in Western Washington. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS092E. 6 pages. Published October 2012.

2013 Cost Estimation of Producing Seedless Watermelon in Eastern Washington. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS150E. 6 pages. Published October 2014. In addition to the publication there is a Microsoft Excel worksheet available. To download the worksheet, use the following link (Excel File).

Biodegradable plastic mulch and suitability for organic agriculture. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS103E. 11 pages. Published April 2018.

Important considerations for the use of biodegradable mulch in crop production. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS304E. 10 pages. Published August, 2018.

Portable Field Hoophouse WSU Extension Publication EM015. 6 pages. Published February 1997. Revised June 2009. This publication replaces EB1825.

Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers. WSU Extension Publication PNW646. 19 pages. Published June 2013.

Pest Management

How to Install a Floating Row Cover. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS089E. 3 pages. Published September 2012.

Natural Insecticides. WSU Extension publication PNW649. 9 pages. Published September 2013.

Organic Management of Flea Beetles. WSU Extension Publication PNW640. 8 pages. Published November 2012.

Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Crop Insect Pest Control. WSU Extension Publication PNW544. 10 pages. Published May 2012.

Fruit Crops

Commercial Red Raspberry Production in the PNW. WSU Extension Publication PNW0598. 105 pages. Published October 2007.

Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest. WSU Extension Publication PNW621. 40 pages. Published November 2010.

Grain Crops

Growing Wheat in Western Washington. WSU Extension Publication EM022E. 16 pages. Published November 2009.

Spelt for Human Health and Nutrition . WSU Extension Publication EB1977E, 8 pages, originally published October 2004, revised February 2014.

Livestock Feed

Sticky Droppings: A feed-related poultry problem. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS002E 4 pages. Published October 2009.

Vegetable Fodder and Forage Crops for Livestock Production: Carrots. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS032E 4 pages. Published January 2012.

Vegetable Fodder & Forage Crops for Livestock Production: Fodder Beets. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS053E. 7 pages. Published April 2012.

Vegetable Fodder & Forage Crops for Livestock Production: Rutabagas. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS054E. 5 pages. Published May 2013.

Vegetable Fodder & Forage Crops for Livestock Production: Turnips and Hybrid Turnips. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS033E 5 pages. Published January 2012.

Publication Series

Crop Profiles

 WSU Food Systems Program. Built on many years of dedicated support for Washington farmers, the Food Systems Team takes a holistic approach to supporting the Washington food system.

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook. Primary reference document for managing agricultural insect pests in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook. Searchable guide with helpful menus and photos.

Pacific Northwest Vegetable Production Guides

Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook. A quick and ready reference of weed control practices used in various cropping systems or site/situations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


Farming Bamboo. By Daphne Lewis and Carol Miles. Lulu Press. 2007. 240 pages. Overview of how to establish, maintain, harvest and market bamboo on a farm scale, including thinning and renovating a grove to maximize bamboo pole and shoot production. Information on plant sources, how to select and prepare a planting site, plant nutrition, irrigation, and pest management is also included. Also includes an encyclopedia of bamboo species that are most likely to be successful for production of poles and shoots. Methods for controlling bamboo to prevent spread of one planting into another area also discussed. This book is available for sale from several sources.

Making the Conversion to Sustainable Agroecosystems: Principles, Processes, and Practices. Chapter: Pacific Northwest USA. Chapter authors: Miles, C., D. Granatstein, D. Huggins, S. Jones, and J. Myers. Book editors: Stephen R. Gliessman, Martha Rosemeyer, and Sean Swezey. CRC Press Advances in Agroecology Series. 2009.

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