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Value-Added and Food Safety


Oregon State University Extension Service in Value-Added Processing. Assisting the food industry to develop and enhance the quality and safety and increase the value of fruit and vegetable products.

Producing Value-Added Products For Market: Start With Food Safety (EB1902). Food safety has changed in the last three decades and there have been many advances in science, technology, and emerging pathogens. Food safety practices are a necessary part of producing value-added products for market.

Microbial Food Safety

Composted Animal Manures: Precautions and Processing. Composting and sanitation, pathogenic microorganisms, measurement and monitoring of pathogens.

Gateway to Government Food Safety Information. News & Safety Alerts, Consumer Advice, Kids, Teens, Educators, Report Illnesses & Product Complaints, Foodborne Pathogens, Industry Assistance, National Food Safety Initiative, Federal State & Government Agencies, and Search & Site Index.

USDA Food and Drug Administration: Guide to Minimize Microbial Food safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. General definitions followed by chapters discussing water, manure and municipal biosolids, worker health, hygiene, sanitary facilities, field sanitation, packing facility sanitation, and transportation.

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