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Soil, Water, and Pest Management

Soil Management

Analytical Laboratories and Consultants Serving Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest. Searchable on-line database. Inclusion of a lab or consultant service in this publication does not imply any endorsement by Washington State University and omissions are unintentional. Services include chemical analysis, living organisms, nutrition, and general services. Read the instructions for recommendations regarding questions to ask a company regarding your sample analysis needs.

Composting Poultry Offal. The objective of this project was to develop a successful composting process of poultry offal to produce finished compost that is environmentally sound, economically feasible, and returns nutrients to the farm. Compost was made with materials produced on Lopez Island and was compared to compost made from traditional composting materials that were imported to the island. Efficacy of composting as well as costs were compared.

Cover Crop Research

Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers. Vegetable growers use cover crops to maintain soil health and therefore vegetable productivity. This website discusses a broad range of cover crops and provides key information regarding management practices.

Fertigation in Organic Vegetable Production Systems. This article will discuss fertigation using drip irrigation and commercial fertilizers that can be used in certified organic systems. Authors: Carol Miles and Jonathan Roozen, Washington State University; Elizabeth Maynard, Purdue University; Timothy Coolong, University of Kentucky. 2010.

Organic Fertilizer Calculator. An excel based tool to help you determine how much nutrient value various organic amendments have, how quickly they release N, and how much they cost. Check the on-line guide for details.

Organic Fertigation. A study was conducted at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC to provide a cost analysis of organic fertilizers that can be used for fertigation. In addition we conducted a field study to compare three fertigation application rates for three crops, lettuce, broccoli and pie pumpkins. This is a report of our findings for this study that was conducted in 2009.

Soil Sampling for Home Gardens and Small Acreages. Oregon State University Extension Service, EC 628. Reprinted April 2003.

Water Management

Drip Irrigation Study

Drip Irrigation with a focus on small farms.

Washington Irrigation Extension Education

Pest Management

Carrot Rust Fly Control

Corn Root Worm Control Research

Raspberry Disease Control Studies


Pest Management Handbooks. This is a series of 3 handbooks, Weed Management, Insect Management, and Plant Disease Management. A Pacific Northwest publication, published by Oregon State University Extension.

HortSense. Cultural and chemical remedies for most common yard and garden plant problems occurring in the Pacific Northwest.

WSU Mt. Vernon Vegetable Pathology Program

Washington State Pest Management Resource Service. Located in Washington State University Tri-cities, this page includes information generated by their office. Includes FQPA Information, Pesticide Labels/Tolerance Database, Agrochemical & Environmental News, Pesticide Notification Network, Pesticide Impact Assessment Program, Publications, Links to Washington State Pesticide Page and Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration.

UC Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Online. Web site of the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project. The site covers details of their projects, and contains information on how to manage pests. Also has links to pesticide education and databases, other resources, UC IPM funded projects, and current events.

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